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I joined Respawn Entertainment in June 2010 and I currently hold the position of Lead Designer.


Below you will find some of the Titanfall levels I have worked on.

I took all of them from ideation to layout through block-in, entity work, optimization and bug fixing. For the concept, detail and polish phases I worked with our talented Art and FX departments. All of the Campaign scripting for Angel City and Colony were done by other designers.


I did less work in the detail phase than in previous games because our Environment Art team worked on Multiplayer (MP) exclusively--because of course Titanfall does not have a Single Player (SP) mode.


I created a preliminary layout for several levels in Titanfall but because of time constraints I was only able to finish up Angel City, Colony and Smugglers Cove before we shipped. Angel City was one of the two maps available to play in Titanfall's Beta.


Other maps I had to hand off, so Nexus was completed by Alex Roycewicz and Training Ground by Chuck Wilson.


Runoff and Zone 18 were created for two DLC (downloadable content) packs that were made available after the game was released.


You can read more about the making of Titanfall here:




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