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Call of Duty 2


I worked at Infinity Ward for just over five years.


Call of Duty 2 (CoD2) was the first game I worked on at Infinity Ward. I started in February and the game shipped that November, so I had a relatively short amount of time to do my thing. Despite this, I was able to script three SP levels and help out with the MP part of the game.


Single Player (SP)

The Brigade Box was the last British mission in the game. The level's
geo was already laid out, I scripted the gameplay and did all the
additional geo work needed to support it.


Rangers Lead the Way was also already built and I scripted the gameplay for it. I had to build additional geo to help extend the mission, so you couldn't just run straight up the hill.

The Battle for Hill 400 reused the Rangers Lead the Way geo for a defend mission. I did the bulk of the scripting but another Designer finished it up.

Multiplayer (MP)

Leningrad was the first Call of Duty MP level I created. I was crunching on my SP levels at the time but I would work on it during lunch, after work and on weekends.

The other MP maps I worked on were all modified SP levels. They were Beaumont-Hague, St. Louet and Wallendar.


Besides these, I also did the early layout for Vossenack but because of time constraints it changed hands several times before it was eventually finished up.

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